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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & CNC Machine Shop

SMI in San Diego County, Oceanside, CA manufacturing the highest quality precision sheet metal fabrications,  sheet metal fabrication & stampings and CNC machined parts, metal forming , and a full service certified welding shop since 1981. Specializing in manufacturing of steel & aluminum fabrication, build per print items such as assemblies, chassis, weldments, frames, ruggedized enclosures, heat sinks, bus bars and much more.

Our high quality standards in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining put us one step ahead of our competition.

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Materials Used in CNC Machining, Fabrication, Stamping and Forming

Sheet, Bar , Plate and Structural Materials
Aluminum  (2000 , 5000 , 6000 , 7000 series)
Red Metals (Brass , Bronze , Copper)
Low and High Carbon Steels (CRS , HRS , CD , CF, Structural)
Exotics Alloys  (Inconel , Monel , 4130 , 4140 , Titanium)
Stainless Steel (Chromium Nickel-301 , 303 , 304 , 316)
                           (Chromium-410 , 440)
Plastics (ABS , Acetal , Delrin , HDPE , G-Classes , Lexan , Nylon , Polycarbonate , PVC , Teflon , UHMW)

SMI Receives the Supplier Excellence Award From General Atomic Aeronautical.
Recognized for 100% QUALITY and 100% ON TIME DELIVERY 3 Years in a row.

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Your First Choice in Precision Manufacturing Full Service CNC Machine Shop and Sheet Metal Fabrication


"Consistent CNC Manufacturing Performance" 

We Deliver Award Winning Highest Quality Industrial Products on Time.
Our Professional & Experienced Staff Gives You an Advantage.

Expert CNC Machine Shop Services You Can Count On:

  • Precision Sheet Metal Shop Fabrication
  • CNC Stamping
  • Metal Forming
  • CNC Machining
  • Engineering
  • Near San Diego in Oceanside Manufacturing Facility / 2 buildings
  • CNC Milling: 4 Axis - High Speed Drilling & Tapping - 10,000 rpm
  • Certified Welding Services:  MIL-STD-2219 - MIL-STD 1595
  • AWS D1.1 - AWS D1.2 - AWS D1.3 - AWS D1.6
  • ISO 9000 Compliant
  • Prototype or High Production Metal Fabrication
  • Complete Turnkey Capability
  • Mechanical Assembly / Component / Electrical
  • Accurate Equipment
  • Design Engineering - Technical Staff

Give us a call for all your manufacturing requirements in sheet metal fabrication with full range of all expert cnc machining shop capabilities.

Providing Metal Fabrication and  CNC Machine Shop Services for San Diego County, Orange County OC, Los Angeles LA, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Southwest area.

Fifty years ago, "build-to-order" sheet metal tolerances were +/-.06" (1.5mm), primarily due to the accuracy of the equipment. Today, normal production tolerances are around 10% of that. In the following article, we are discussing tolerance ranges that are "reasonable" or "practical". If tighter tolerances are needed, they can be achieved with dedicated tooling and special processing. The most significant improvement has been in the machinery. Some modern high speed equipment can position within .0028" (.07mm) and repeat within .002" (.05mm). Materials and methods continue to play a role in the limits of precision, however. They greatly influence practical considerations for tolerances between holes (hole-to-hole), between folds (fold-to-fold), and so forth.

Delivery of Metal Fabrications and CNC Machining

Time after time SMI delivers the right mixture of turn-around-time, price, service and thorough quality. Contact Us today and let us demonstrate our promise to exceeding our customers’ expectations in design and creating in manufacturing your sheet metal fabrication or CNC machined parts.

Strategically located in Oceanside, Ca, North San Diego County.  SMI provides CNC Sheet Metal Fabrications, CNC Machining, Welded Framework in the fields related to :  Aerospace, automotive, defence, commercial, communications, commercial, electronic, military, OEM, industrial sectors. We are a "build to print" manufacturer.

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